Vat Do Zine Researchers Vant

Shared Zine Library Catalog: What do zine researchers want?

We think we know what zine researchers want, but do we really? How about a little data to inform our thinking? Please fill out our survey. It’s eight questions long, six of them checkboxes only. All questions optional. No questions about sex or your childhood, but there is an “Anything else you want to say” question, in case you want to talk about sex or your childhood.


Zine Union Catalog Blog


We have a blog (again). The first one went away because it wanted to spend more time with its family, but we are convinced that this one is here to stay.

Keep an eye on this blog for progress on the CUNY DH Praxis class Zine Union Catalog project. If you want to know the basics, read the about page on our project website, which is very much in progress.

While you’re waiting, read some zines. Leave a comment here if you want a zine recommendation.