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Doing Things With Novels Class: Jenna’s Final Project Draft Outline

My working title is Cataloger as Author, Metadata as Annotation, but based on the outline I just turned in, I’m not sure if the title will remain. I welcome feedback, using or, if you prefer, via the Google Docs comments function. If you wish to share via the latter, please send a Google account address to me at leslzine at gmail. 

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NYC OpenCon

♥ Presentation Slides ♥

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Zine Librarians unConference 2018

Lauren and Jenna met up with collaborators at the Zine Librarians UnConference, where we facilitated three Zine Union Catalog sessions (with links to session notes)



Jenna + Lauren submitted this paper for their ITP Final in early May, 2018 which aims to roadmap the next phase of ZUC development. They’ll also be updating the community at the Zine Librarian unConference in July.

ITP Core II Final ZineCat


Data Visualizations!

Lauren and Jenna completed their Visualization and Design: Fundamentals summer class. They both used zine metadata for their final projects.

Lauren’s focused on keywords from the Queer Zine Archive Project and Jenna’s was about genre terms at the Barnard Zine Library.

Here’s a taste of Lauren’s

And a morsel of Jenna’s

Lauren’s project on Github pages. Lauren’s white paper is included on her Github.

Jenna’s project on Github pages. Jenna’s white paper is available via pdf.

Let us know what you think!


Final Project Presentation

Dear You,

Tomorrow we are presenting our final project. After that we’ll have ten days to finish up our final paper.

Our final paper assignment, reflected in our final presentation was to write 12-15 pages with elements including

  • Abstract with a clear problem statement
  • Project narrative
  • Environmental scan
  • Work plan
  • Strategy for our independent

We’re at 34 pages right now, but maybe since there are two of us…

Then again, since there are two of us, we were also charged with planning workshops for the Zine Librarians unConference in July, which we did: Overview, Priorities, Hack.  Librarian overachievers, party of two!

If appropriate, we’ll share the final paper with y’all when we turn it in. It’s due May 24. It’s too dogdamn long, so maybe we’ll do you a favor and make an executive summary.

updates zine librarians

Of Caticorn Herders and Glarings

Dear You,

Yesterday we had a conference call with other folks working on the Zine Union Catalog. (Thanks Rhonda/MIT for hosting using a proprietary web conferencing tool that shall remain nameless; thanks Milo for facilitating; thanks Honor for taking notes! Thanks also to Jennifer, Eric, and Ziba (while on reference!) for participating, along with us: your CUNY masters students Lauren and Jenna.)

Here are the meeting minutes, tidied up a little, and anonymized:


ZUC ITP mid-term update!

Jenna and Lauren discuss preliminary governance structure of ZineCat, roadmapping the project’s development, and funding for their ITP midterm. Check out the full post on social paper here.


Zine Union Catalog (ZUC): An Updated Project Plan

The problem ZUC will address:

One sentence version

Zine readers, researchers, and librarians need a unified resource for finding finding and sharing zine metadata and location information.


For the same reasons readers, scholars, and information professionals benefit from resources like WorldCat and DPLA (Digital Public Library of America), people concerned with zines would be well-served by a union catalog for zines. ZineCat will aid academic and independent readers who want to find information about individual zines, as well as about the breadth of zine resources available on particular topics. A ZineCat user could type < cutting > into a search and find zines that reference cutting/self-injury in libraries all over the world. As WorldCat does, at a later point in its development, ZineCat will facilitate loans between zine libraries, even beyond the scope of WorldCat because ZineCat will include among its members the types of independent libraries that are not typically OCLC members, libraries without budgets, paid staff, or formal status.

ZineCat will offer a similar benefit to zine librarians, allowing them to share catalog records, metadata, and knowledge. Further, having developed a Zine Librarians Code of Ethics, the zine library community has proved itself thoughtful, loving, and critical, which bodes well for a carefully built tool informed by deep processing and cooperation.

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Shared Authority: Zine Union Catalog for Beginners zine

It is the position of some of us that zines are best as print objects, but there are times that you want to share them in a more open platform. Digital Humanities class is one of those times, so here they are…the pages of our zine union catalog project zine!