capstone final zine

PostScript Shared Authority: Capstone Edition

It took this many attempts to print the sucker,

photo of ten versions of a zine layour

but our capstone is finally a PostScripted, double-sided, short-edged, color pdf with the pages in the right order and going in the right direction.

I have laid out and printed many, many zines, so it was frustrating that the process wasn’t straightforward. Two of the pages being odd-sized was a problem, as was the fact that this time I need to create a PostScript file, rather than exporting directly to pdf. The direct export resulted in out of order and upside down pages and no menu item that led me to changing which edge to print on. By trying every menu item in InDesign and Acrobat, I did manage to find many many ways not to print the zine correctly. You’ll notice I switched to black & white and a toner-saving option after a bit.

Here’s a pdf of the Shared Authority zine, updated with permanent QR codes┬áif you want to read it yourself. Let us know how printing it goes!

PS (See what I did there?) Thanks, Milo from QZAP, for fielding desperate InDesign questions!

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