ZineCat White Paper update

Dear Maura & Lisa (as well as anyone else reading this):

We would like to update you on our progress as we are about a month away from the date of submission for the capstone project.  We have ingested 31,919 records from six collections into the development site and will be working on finalizing the front end of ZineCat Dev Site so that it can be viewed by the public next weekend.  For now, take our word that you can discover a much greater sample of zine records! We had planned to include Anchor Archive (or at least their subject thesaurus) and reached out to a colleague that had shown interest in submitting zine records to us about a year ago (but we weren’t ready then to receive the additional collection), but neither of those prospects have come to fruition.  As has been noted in many updates over the last two+ months, Collective Access has provided its fair share of technical challenges. It’s not a perfect system, but let’s be honest, what is? We will be including a section in our white paper zine for software reviews and will be sure to cover all the imperfect technology we’ve encountered along the way!

Speaking of the white paper zine, the following are the sections we’ve identified and begun to write up (some sections are more complete than others), but we will be meeting on 12/18 to finalize content and layout.  We’re hoping to have the zine off the press on 12/19.

  • Front cover
  • Back cover
  • Introduction to the zine
  • Bios of zine libraries with records in ZineCat
  • Zine Librarians Code of Ethics
  • Data Visualizations created for Visualization and Design: Fundamentals
  • ZineCat Ingest process overview
  • xZINECOREx Metadata Standard
  • Presentations given by us regarding ZineCat as we’ve been enrolled in MADH
  • Software reviews (as memes)
  • Our work summarized as a timeline through the duration of the MADH program.  What classes have we taken and how has ZineCat been a part of each of those
    • ITP
    • Data Viz
    • Doing Things with Novels
    • DHRI 
  • ZucZilla – ZineCat vs other union catalogs
  • Bibliography – annotations of selected resources on Cataloging, Union Catalogs, Zines in Pedagogy, and Accessibility

There were additional zine sections suggested which can be viewed in an earlier blog post, so there may be more included, but we wanted to gauge the current volume of sections from you both to ensure we are on the right track with this.  In order to avoid publishing the longest zine ever created, we may include supplemental material in appendices.  

→Does this sound reasonable?  We want the zine to be readable, but we also want to ensure that we are meeting the requirements of the capstone.←  

Appendices include:

  • Full bibliography
  • Data Management Plan
  • Grants
  • Discovery Day report

Some other updates: 

  • ZineCat GitHub has been updated with some additional information and files. 
  • We updated our timeline that accounts for some delays in deliverables and re-adjustments of our schedules.

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