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I’m a little late on this post (it was supposed to be shared last weekend), but as you can imagine and understand, life and work sometimes get in the way!  I’m remembering clearly this very moment our conversation with our two advisors, Lisa and Maura, a month or so ago, where they so kindly reminded us to mitigate our expectations for ourselves and this capstone over the course of the semester! We did some math during that meeting where they helped us think through how many hours each week we were going to spend on the project based on the prospectus we gave them (it was something like 12 hours/week) and I have definitely not had 12 hours this week, or last, to devote to ZineCat. For anyone reading this that works in an academic institution of higher education, you may empathize with my plight, but enough about me being tardy on this (last week’s) blog post…let me fill you in on the update.

As Jenna indicated in the last post, we are going to ingest MORE records!  So, Jenna reached out to the collections who have so generously provided their zine records for ZineCat’s prototype and we’ve started to receive more updated sets of metadata.  We’ve asked for the files to be in .csv format to make it a little easier on us to map all the data into ZineCat. The new files continue to be shared and in the next few weeks, these records will be added to our development site that Openflows created for us.  Stay tuned…

Jenna and I had included a research weekend for our project timeline last weekend and we are working through the bibliography we set out for ourselves (look at the prospectus for some of those readings).  Add any suggested readings to our comments section if you think we’re overlooking anything.  

Finally, Jenna and I decided that we don’t want to just submit a traditional white paper for our capstone, but want to also create Shared Authority v. 2.  Any thoughts on what should be included?  We have to clear this idea with Lisa & Maura prior to fully committing to this plan, but we’re pretty sure they’ll be okay with it.  It’ll include some elements of the white paper like explanation of the pedagogical, public, or scholarly value or impact of ZineCat AND the theoretical, technical, and practical framework, but some other thoughts of what to include are:

  • An updated accessible logo re-design (it might not be high enough color contrast to be fully accessible)
  • Zine Librarians Code of Ethics 
  • Dear You update that summarizes how this project has evolved between v. 1 and v. 2 
  • A check in about the software we’ve chosen to use.  What’s working, what’s not??
    • Collective Access, 
    • Reclaim Hosting, 
    • OpenRefine, 
    • WordPress, 
    • Google, 
    • GitHub
  • What makes us the same / different from our “models” WorldCat and DPLA.  Are there additional models we haven’t been thinking of?
  • Updated game ZUC Step by Step (or is it a maze now…after several years?)
  • Contributing collections (there are more more more now) shout out
  • Presentations we’ve given:
    • ZLuC 2018
    • ZLuC 2019
    • NYC OpenCon 2018
    • NYC Feminist ZineFest 2019
  • Hack/Doc/Discovery Day 
  • Metadata and xZINECOREx
  • Ingest process
  • Authority control
  • Caticorns and Herders
  • Interactive Technology and Pedagogy coursework and independent studies
  • Data Visualizations
  • Advisory Board updates
  • Credits/Acknowledgments/Thank Yous
  • Bibliography
  • Data Management Plan
  • Workplans: past and future (how will we and you continue to work on ZineCat)
  • Accessibility promise
  • What grants have we received and what will we apply for next

It’s going to be a big zine.  =) I will definitley be devoting 12 hours a week to its creation, but tell us what else you want to see in it.

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