T Minus 4 Days Until Capstone Zine Submission

Meme of an orange tabby cat resting face on a concrete fence with the caption: Can't You See I'm Busy?

The last few weeks have been very productive and busy for us!  This last weekend was no different. We are getting ever closer to revealing the updated interface which will have more, more, more records.  31k+ records. That should be released by the end of the week, hopefully. There have been some additional ingest hiccups involving version control of ingest MAPs, dates continue to be a thorn, and it turns out that multiple fields of a data set pointing to the same field within Collective Access doesn’t turn out well (i.e. if there are multiple columns of data with “notes” — MARC 500 = Notes and 520 = Summary fields — all pointing to the CA field ca_objects.general_notes).  Eric from OpenFlows has been tremendously helpful in providing support to us in this process and along with Jenna has done some impressive troubleshooting. The solution to the last hiccup listed above was to add another field in Collective Access so that both data points can successfully transfer into the system. Now, we just have to figure out why some of the Subject Headings are showing up as numbers!