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Shared Authority: Zine Union Catalog for Beginners zine

It is the position of some of us that zines are best as print objects, but there are times that you want to share them in a more open platform. Digital Humanities class is one of those times, so here they are…the pages of our zine union catalog project zine!

The cover page for Shared Authority featuring the red and black ZineCat paw logo.

A page featuring an introductory letter for the ZineCat zine, Shared Authority.

A page describing similar projects to ZineCat.

A page introducing Jenna Freeman featuring an image of a grey cat laying on a zine.

A page describing the software, Collective Access.

A screenshot of how Collective Access shares an object in the ZineCat collection.

A page with text describing how union catalogs compare to digital archives.

A page introducing Lauren Kehoe with an illustration of her and an outline in orange of a cat face.

A page of with colorful steps outlining how ZineCat came together.

A page introducing Marti Massana Ferre, with an illustration of an orange cat sleeping on a stack of zines with a thought bubble that says "" above his head.

A page introducing Barnard Zine Library.

A page with descriptions of QZAP and Denver Zine Library.

A spreadsheet of the Zine Union Catalog map.

A page in Shared Authority introducing Aleksandr Segal, the head developer of ZineCat, outlining his interests with graphics.

A playlist for the Zine Union Catalog.

A page in Shared Authority of the mistakes people made and came across.

A page in Shared Authority with a list of members in the Advisory Board.

A word find puzzle of thank yous in Shared Authority.

Last page of Shared Authority with a photo key founders of ZineCat.

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